Parasite-S (Formalin)

Parasite-S - 208 L drums.
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Parasite-S (Formalin)


Parasite-S is an approved parasiticide for the control of external Protozoa and Monogenetic Trematodes on all finfish.  It is also approved as a fungicide for finfish eggs.  See the Parasite-S Label and/or the Package Insert in the Product Downloads Tab for more information on the approvals and directions for use. 

Parasite-S is manufactured at a FDA and Health Canada inspected production facility.  The use of other grades of formaldehyde on fish may be in violation of Health Canada regulations.

New users are encouraged to seek advice from a fish health professional prior to using this product.  Refer to the Parasite-S Label, Package Insert and MSDS in the Product Downloads Tab for details on the directions for use prior to treating fish of any life stage, as well as limitations and cautions for all uses.

Parasite-S is classified as a dangerous good and it must be shipped and handled according to the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations.

COLD WEATHER NOTICE - Parasite-S is temperature sensitive and should not be allowed to reach temperatures below 4.4 °C (40 °F).  Regional weather conditions can vary greatly and Syndel Laboratories advises that all formalin users should stock up on the product prior to the cold weather season.

For additional product and/or delivery information, please contact Syndel Laboratories (800) 663-2282 or