Disinfecting Foot Mats - Fabric/Foam

There are two different types of Fabric/Foam Disinfecting Foot Mats:
  -  Large Disinfection Mat
  -  Mini Disinfection Mat
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Mini Disinfection Mat
Large Disinfection Mat
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Disinfecting Foot Mats - Fabric/Foam


A crucial part of any Biosecurity Program is the effective disinfection of footwear prior to entering a controlled area.  Disinfection Mats are an important biosecurity tool and are ideal for use in fish hatcheries, food processing facilities, veterinary facilities, zoos, animal shelters, agricultural farms and laboratories.

Depending on your site's requirements, we offer several types of Disinfecting / Sanitizing Foot Mats.

The Large Disinfection Mat is made with a tough textile exterior with a special absorbent material inside.  The sides and bottom are sealed to prevent leakage and very little solid matter will penetrate the mat's surface, so there is little chance of neutralization of the disinfectant.  

The Mini Disinfection Mat is a lower cost, smaller, lighter weight version of the Large Disinfection Mat with the same tough textile exterior, special absorbent material interior and sealed sides and bottom to prevent leakage.


These Fabric / Foam Mats work by using the hydraulic pressure created when standing on the mat, which causes the disinfectant to rise up around the footwear. 

For more information on the Disinfection Mats we carry, see our Disinfection Mat Comparison Table in the Product Downloads.