LHRHa (des-Gly10, [D-Ala6] LH-RH Ethylamide) for fish spawning

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The use of spawning products to induce gamete maturation (ovulation and spermiation) and spawning in fishes is crucial to the success of many aquaculture operations and wild stock fisheries programs.  Gamete maturation can be induced by a variety of peptides.

Luteinizing Hormone - Releasing Hormone analogue (des-Gly10, [D-Ala6] LH-RH Ethylamide) or LHRHa is a peptide that is similar in structure to native luteinizing hormone-releasing hormones (LHRH). 

LHRHa has both biological activity and low species specificity in fish, making it appropriate for use on a variety of fish species.

LHRHa is sold as a powder and typically dissolved in sterile saline and administered to fish as an intraperitoneal (IP) or intramuscular (IM) injection.

Environmental and physiological conditions will affect the response to LHRHa and other spawning aids. 

This product is not available in Canada. 

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