About Syndel Canada

Syndel Canada is a privately held Canadian company that has developed and marketed high quality aquaculture chemicals and pharmaceutical products worldwide for more than 35 years.

Founded in 1977, Syndel Canada has evolved into a world-class organization that specializes in cost effective aquatic animal health solutions for fish reproduction, disease prevention, treatment and biosecurity.  The growth in aquaculture for domestic use and international trade has become increasingly regulated.  It is essential that aquatic animal health products are used in compliance with regulations in Canada as well as the rigid standards in the US and other countries around the world.  Syndel Canada is committed to supplying and developing safe and effective products that meet these exacting criteria.  Syndel Canada developed its product line to address the need for consistency and value throughout the industry.  With its headquarters located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Syndel Canada is ideally positioned to service customers' needs around the world.

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